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‘ To love is to live; to live is to love ‘

If you love a good story and might enjoy a sneak peek into mine, dive in! You just may stay for the swim🥰.


  • Guy, I can’t really explain what made me finish a book of 288 pages within 24 hours. I’ve never read a book this long with so much interest and happiness in my life 😭😭😩. My experience while reading was nothing short of amazing and awesome. I literally felt every character in the book , the way they were being explained was just so beautiful😭🥺. Your book made me tell food “You can wait ” likeeee it never happens.. I’m honestly proud of you Grace and I can’t wait to read more of your books because I know it would be even better than this one… please sha don’t starve us for too long I beg you 😭😭😭write another one. Thank you for giving us such a masterpiece like “where the lotus grow .” I really love and appreciate you and the book 🥺❤❤❤


    Miracle Ochulor

    Medical Student, Abia State University
  • I’m steady with the book because it’s really unique in this way: It’s so detailed, I can’t just rush through it.
    It’s engaged my imagination in a way that I’m not used to. I actually stopped several times to think about life and take notes. If I try, I might fail to describe well how I feel.
    I’ll just say it’s really deep & is most likely going to have movie adaptations in the not too distant future. It’s that good.

    Isaac Oladega

    Business Developer, MKO Consulting
  • “Where the Lotus Grows” is no doubt an example of a good book. The author’s fluid and conversational writing style makes it a natural page-turner. Considering how engaging the narrative is, it is not surprising that an intended cursory look will end up as a dedicated focus until the reader sees the story to its conclusion. The author introduced us to life-like characters that were not idealistic but realistic. Readers will not meet untouchable heroes but people who faced challenges that they will be able to relate with and who reacted in ways they probably would. The characters were not without super abilities, however, as they found strength in their humanity to rise above their challenges.


    Lanre Amodu, Ph.D

    Public Speaker, Weiter, Trainer, Lecturer at Covenant University

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What people are saying about Oyinkansola’s book…urgh! Scratch that, if you wanna read what fellow homo sapiens have said about my book, you’re in the right place. xoxoxo

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