When We Were Young

Time is passing us by

The days too fast,

the nights just a blink of an eye

The sun, moon and stars seem to be against us

Subtly robbing us of our today

Playing the silent killers

Age deeps it’s venomous claws into our youth

Sapping the infant blood from our veins

And making away with our innocence

The seconds and minutes wait for no one

Every hour goes by so swiftly

Now, all we have are our memories

And long lists of what ifs, maybes and if only I had knowns

I miss those times

When we had no care in the world

And all the words of our lips,

and the thoughts in our heads,

We’re carried off on ┬áthe shoulders of the four winds

North, South, East and West

I miss the days of old

Of smooth, soft skin and agile limbs

Of when we were young

And thought not of the times to come after

When there would be no chances to redo all that we did wrong.



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