I think I’m Jinxed (1)

There was a time when my best day was Friday. A time when I joined other workers in shouting “Thank God it’s Friday” whenever the weekend came. But, at this point I  my life when I was sacked on a Friday, every other bad thing in my life seems to happen on Friday. My dog died the next Friday, my ceiling fan stopped working the next, the transformer for the street I lived on blew up the next and by the last Friday of the month, I caught my fiancée of two years in bed with another man. To top it all up, the first Friday of the new month, June 7th was my birthday and I was having this terrible feeling that another bad thing would happen. Instantly, I began to pray and bind evil spirits that might be at work,  tormenting my life and destiny. And then suddenly, I remembered and it all made sense to me. I was jinxed. I was totally and absolutely jinxed. It was the only explanation for everything that had happened in my life for the past month and I knew exactly where it came from.

It all started the Thursday before the Friday I was fired. My colleague, Dunni asked me a simple question. “Tony, do you beleive in being jinxed?” My answer was simple,  precise and straightforward like everything I do. “Of course not.”

“But why?” She pestered. “It’s simply because I think that for every action, there is always a corresponding reaction. Therefore,  there is a logical reason for everything that happens. There is really nothing called a jinx.” I finished proudly. In my mind of minds, I thought I had convinced her but  our discussion had apparently only  just began.

“Okay then, there is a myth that, anyone who pees in the fountain just in front of the reception office will surely be jinxed for three months in a row.”  Dunni said, wiggling her eyebrows mischievously. “Okay. So, what are you driving at, Dunni?

“Since you don’t believe in getting jinxed, I triple dare you to do it.”

Initially, I looked at her incredulously but then decided to give it a go. To cut the long story short, I took the dare and now I seriously wonder if I am really jinxed or if I am just unlucky to be a victim of nature’s tricks.



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