Poverty Mentality Syndrome

‘Poverty Mentality Syndrome’, otherwise known to me as, If-you-keep-thinking-this-way-you’re-still-gonna-be-poor-even-when-you-got-money Syndrome. I dont mean the poor of when you dont have money, i mean the poverty of the mind. This is a sickness, permit me to use that word, that a lot of Nigerians have and have had for quite a long time. It keeps you caged, limited and confounded to certain unproductive ways of thinking. I am going to talk about two kinds.

First, there is the kind where you’re like : “Abeg, if you’re gonna be poor, you will be and if you’re gonna be rich you will be no matter what you do. It’s destiny” and then you’re like: “I give up, already. What good will it do anyway, I’m not one of those destined to be rich.” Well, if you are in that category, I’ve got some things to say to you. You can’t “give up already” because you are ‘destined’ to be poor, you can’t say that there is nothing you will or can do that will change the direction your life is taking right now because there is. In case you don’t know or have heard but don’t believe, I am telling you now and you better believe it: poverty is a CHOICE. Just the way, success, failure and or riches are all choices. Anyone who tells you differently is probably unintentionally or intentionally serving as an enemy of your life’s progress, especially if you are in this group I’m talking about. Every decision you make, every step you take, in a nutshell, everything you do, have done or are still doing has brought you straight up to this point in your life, good or not, bright or not, terrible or not etcetera. So, my advice to you, stop blaming others or the circumstances around your or your birth place and take control of your life. And do not think for one second that I am saying you should do it alone. No, I’m not. I’m saying you should ask God for help (if you haven’t accepted Him into your life yet, please do because no one is more in favour of your success than God is) and then take control of it His way, that is, the way He tells you to. Make a choice to take control of your life the right way, stop settling for less than you deserve and begin your success story. Make a choice to throw your “Poverty Mentality Syndrome” to the dogs and be healed forever. You have to choose to not be poor.

And second, the kind where you’re like: ‘I got money now don’t mean I can just give it out or I can just lend a hand or just spend it. If I do that, it’s just gonna finish.’ But, I tell you today, if you think that way, don’t think that way anymore. You know why? Money was made to be spent. Don’t go around hoarding your cash or resources or living a miserly life. God gave you riches. Why? You think it’s so you can go hide it in the ground and leave it to rot? No? He gave it to you so you could utilise itnthe right way. You use it to help others, you use it to build up your business, you use it to build up yourself, you use it to show to the world talents that God has given you for HIS GLORY. My friend, you use it to fulfil your destiny. Otherwise, you will walk through life having limited yourself and not known what it feels like to spread your wings and FLY. I’m not saying, don’t save or don’t be judicious with how you spend your resources. I’m saying, do not deprive the needy of what you can afford to give them. I’m saying, do not LIMIT yourself. Take the risks that need to be taken for you to reach your destiny because sometimes, you just have to take a leap of faith and trust that God has His angels watching over you. God wants your success more than anyone else does. Why? For His GLORY. What father wouldn’t be proud when his son or daughter succeeds in life? Furthermore, the bible says, “Give and it will come back to you, good measures, pressed down, shaking together, running over.” It is as simple as this, if your both hands are fisted, you can’t give anyone anything and you certainly cannot RECEIVE anything from anyone. So, let go of the reigns on that cash a little, the Lord that put you in that position to help others did so that you would. One more word of advice. As the saying goes, ‘you need to spend money to make money’ or as I say it ‘money begat money’. No business was built up without risks, no successful entrepreneur became one by hoarding cash or resources and you aren’t going to get anywhere by being miserly to others in need and even yourself. To everyone reading this, I say, choose to stop behaving this way if you do, choose to let go of this “Poverty Mentality Syndrome” you probably didn’t know you had and live life the right way, with a ‘Success Mentality’. In a nutshell, choose to change your mindset and outlook on life for the better. Lose this “Poverty Mentality Syndrome” and set your self free to grow, to leap, to fly and to soar. The world is a really big place and where you are now is a good place to START changing and prepare for flight. Not to say that there won’t be any disappointments, setbacks, roadblocks or even failures along the way. There will be but a right mentality makes all the difference between sinking under the weight of all your problems and fighting to win against all odds. P.S: The Bible also says that we should not despise our times of little beginning! Stay Blessed!


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