Why Did You Sell Your Soul?

Why did you sell your soul?

A being born,

After toss, turn and push,

Many anticipated appearance, death prayed upon you by more

Pain, anguish, more pain

Principalities waged war in kingdoms yonder

Of Father’s predestination arrived this world


A gem so treasured

Beholders them all, lovers and haters alike were

The evidence of your beauty, a second, third…enthralled glance

You, from innocent young grew

To profane adult

The myopic thoughts that saturated your mind

The unbridled lusts that overcame your heart

The labyrinth of fear and fatalistic imitation that was your existence

You lost sight of that allure that’s always been yours

All you saw looking in the mirror was one broken by everything leading up to now

Wanting desperately to see something better, anything better

Refusing to see the paradise awaiting

Just beyond your selective gaze

If you just took off the filthy apparel you had exchanged in deception

For your crown and garments holy

You sold your soul

To the inhabitants of Persia


-GraceOla 2017





2 thoughts on “Why Did You Sell Your Soul?

  1. This is highly thought provoking and inspiring. Please continue the good work,the good Lord will use it to save souls into His kingdom IJN.

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