The night was bleak
Not a sound was heard
Not a soul stirred
An ant could be heard crawling on the carpet
The only thing that broke the silence was the sound of our breathing merging together as one
I had this sick feeling that this joy wasn’t going to last
There were so many things standing in the way to happiness
No matter how hard I tried to believe him
I couldn’t shake off the feeling of looming danger
Everything in the room seemed to mock me as I looked around
Afraid of something I did not know
He however was deep in sleep
Enjoying this ‘happiness’ and ‘freedom’ that we had
He seemed to believe nothing could go wrong
In a world of pain, sorrow and death,
He believed in love and happily ever afters

The word tasted bitter on my tongue
I knew this could never last
I grew numb and lost myself in my sorrow
I was drowning but I didn’t want to come up
I wanted to die and be with him wherever he was
Death had crawled up on us like a thief in the night
Stealing my beloved from me and leaving me dead to everything but my pain
A simple trip to the mall
Had become goodbye forever
I wanted to feel rage, anger, fury at him
For making me start to believe in forever after
But I felt nothing now
Numbness surrounded my whole being
Drained, I lay back accepting my fate
The world could not always make you happy, I realised
I had to let go and move on
But I didn’t want to
A strangled laugh escaped my lips as the sad truth became more realistic to me
I had lost him FOREVER
– GraceOla 2015

P.S. Who says we can’t throw back on a Friday?


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