“Why are we in the same bed?”

“Hmmmm…” I murmured in my sleep. I felt so relaxed and blissful until I felt someone tug my fluffy purple blanket from me. I made a mild sleepy protest and pulled it back. Why was someone even tugging at my blanket? Rolling over, I stretched out my hand to pick up my glasses from the bedside table, eyes still closed, and was met with nothingness. My room even smelled funny…the alluring scent I was used to was replaced by an unusual—maleness!!!!! Suddenly, realisation dawned on me and I jumped off the bed in alarm.

No, no, no, no, please don’t let it be true, I screamed in my head. Dreading what I would see, I turned to look at the person that had slept beside me and saw that it was my fiance of three years. The scream that I had been trying to suppress finally came out in a strangled breath and I rushed to push him off the bed even though I had noticed that this wasn’t my room.

“Urgh!” he grunted as he hit the floor and muttered some profanities before sitting up and casting a bloodshot, irritated look my way. “What the h*** Sharon!” To my chagrin, he was stark naked and that was when I noticed that I was too. Without thinking, I reached for the brown blanket on the bed and covered myself, shame washing over me.
“Why are we in the same bed? And…and…” I stuttered. Now he had an amused expression on his face; he seemed to be trying not to laugh. I mean, what was so funny? “For crying out loud, put on some clothes!” I shouted at him, getting more and more agitated by the second. He didn’t budge. Oh God please, let it not be true…
“Was there any…I mean…did we…” My voice trailed off as I looked at him, still shocked and with my hair sticking out in all directions. “Have s**?” he offered. I nodded wordlessly. “Yes” He answered simply. He still had the same expression on his face. How could he be so calm when I was so close to tears? I couldn’t even remember much from last night but he knew my faith and how I felt about this so he didn’t have the right to laugh about it. “Tolu, but we agreed to remain celibate till marriage.” I said in a shaky voice. That got his attention and he looked at me in disbelief. “You have got to be kidding me right now?”

Oh for heaven’s sake, why did he just enjoy getting on my nerves? I gave him a bland look. “You mean you don’t remember anything from yesterday?”
Yesterday! yesterday! Yesterday! It kept ringing in my head like an alarm and as if a switch was turned in my mind, it all came flooding back…we were married.
-GraceOla 2017

???Guys, this was inspired by one Asian movie I watched a few years ago. Hope you enjoy this short story.


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