A Review: Lie to Me, Dan by Longrin Wetten

REVIEWER: Ogunyinka Oyinkansola Amazing-Grace

Title: Lie To Me, Dan

Author: Longrin Wetten

Place: Nigeria

Publisher: Penthusia Media Limited

Publication date: December 2013

Pages: 255

ISBN: 978-978-50708-0-4


“Lie to Me, Dan” is an engaging and captivating read from back to back and it definitely should be at the top of the list of books you need to add to that library of yours. It tells the enthralling tale of Marylyn and Daniel (D-Man), two university undergraduates who meet in relatively normal circumstances but find each other in various dilemmas which bring them closer over time. The book is a romantic thriller that used the third person/omnipresent point of view which is quite appropriate in unfolding the story’s plot.

Longrin Wetten is a writer, publisher, writing enthusiast, thinker and a change agent. In this book, Wetten successfully combines his own “romance” storytelling with adrenaline laces some steps below those from a Ted Dekker book.

It is an amazing book and no doubt a refreshing read. It isn’t exactly predictable because although some of the things to come were obvious, the book still leaves one “literally” at the seat’s edge for every new chapter.

Daniel is a favorite because of his free and fun-loving personality which held the attraction all through the book. The character of Marylyn is quite relatable, especially some of her reservations at the beginning of the book.

The book makes use of well defined concepts with clear and convincing language as well as properly developed ideas. Also, the concluding chapter is quite nice.

Despite its seemingly cliché romance story line, it weaved a complex tale of humor, adventure, love and hate around that, giving the overall story a nice plot twist every now and then. In actual fact, it is most definitely a Nigerian novel to be reckoned with.


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