About Going AWOL

Hi guys.

It’s been so long since I put up a post and I’d like to sincerely apologise for that. School work has not been smiling at a sister but it’s all worth it (or it will be).

Anyway, since the last time I posted, some things have been going on in my life and I think sharing the experience might be helpful to others who are in the same shoes right now and need a little advice working through them.

So, some time ago, I was speaking to a friend and we were talking about how people let others around them dictate their lives because they are afraid of not “fitting in”. In truth, no man is an island but it is important to understand yourself, the principles you stand for and the limit to which other people’s opinions and lifestyles affect yours. Otherwise, you’ll realise that your life was “technically” lived by others.

I realised at some point that people had been influencing my decisions more and more these days and it felt like I’d let my guard down. Note that, all these were subconscious feelings that I didn’t really give room to surface but they were there anyway.

Now I realise it had a lot to do with the stuff I was feeding my mind and spirit and I have started working on getting back on track. So, in case you are in this situation, don’t spend all your time lamenting and self-judging that you actually forget to right your wrongs.

I’m back now and I’m back to stay.



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