Our Last Christmas

Happy New Year lovelies! I know I’ve not been the most consistent but hey, it’s a new year (dawn). Here’s a little something for both Christmas and New Year. Enjoy!!!


I am but a child yet I have often been said to know way more than is expected of someone of my age. I listen in on adult conversations all the time and contribute when children ought only to be seen and not heard. Yet, it is never enough for me and people never know what to make of me. My peers mock me for loving to read, a blue-stocking they call me. My owl-framed glasses used to rest on the crook of my pointed aristocratic nose doing nothing to hide my weirdly blue and black colored eyes and making me an easy prey for bullies.

I always loved studying the stars and discussing politics with my father, the only one who understood me and made me feel like I wasn’t actually insane. Slowly but painfully, I became more and more aware of how much I didn’t fit in. All my “friends” were older yet even they held an uncomfortable silence when I walked into the room, not so tactfully changing their line of conversation into a more “age appropriate” topic they usually said.

Then, one day, it hit me. It was Christmas day and as usual, the gift unwrapping had begun. I wondered at how people enjoyed getting gifts such as mufflers and new toys and whatnot when they already had tons of those anyway. Holding my breath and praying for a miracle this year, I opened the gift from my father. It was the telescope I had been talking about nonstop since I saw it on display at the supermarket months ago.

Biting back a tear, I read the simple note on the card – “You are not weird or a misfit. You are a genius. People laugh and make fun of things they can’t understand or explain but that doesn’t change who you are. Love, Father.” It’s ironic because my father died that year but those words live on in my heart.

So while I may not be “normal” or “trendy”, I know who I am and I have my father to thank for giving me a Christmas to remember even though it was our last together.


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