Thoughts on Colonialism from a Person who Read and Heard but never Saw


Opinions were clashing; the union was crumbling

Selfishness and greed reigned;

Every man spoke for himself, alliances threatened

None was ready to back down

Amidst the chaos, one wise arose and brought about a motion:

Mutually beneficial- to all parties involved, primary and secondary

The factions were now united but divided to conquer

A new era had begun

One in which the rich spoke and the poor listened

Europe was to take over Africa

They needed us as we needed their resources

They lived as animals, their lifestyles primitive

A fit excuse for imperialism; we found a justification for dehumanization

As a punishment for their crude nature,

They needed to be trained in contrast to

Their inherent behaviors; their default settings

They needed masters to survive

They were inferior and needed to be told

For now, they were just an uncivilized, illiterate,

Immature group of unattractively haughty people with nothing but.

Their lands were virgins to be raped; raw and ripe for ravaging;

Empty bodies ready to be occupied by souls

This assembly sealed their fate

A consensus was reached with a show of hands;

The document written up

The League of States had decided




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