Have you ever felt as if you were hanging from the moon yet still saw nothing but shadows?
Well hopefully when you’re done reading this,
Your eyes will be open to see the stars that have been there all along.
Sometimes, the point of not having a sense of direction
Is for you to sit down and re-strategize
“I don’t have an idea,” you say to yourself
But I think I like the idea of not having an idea
“Is it just me or is this going nowhere?” you add, wishing you were in a better place
I guess you’re not alone or maybe you are, but that’s not the point
The point is that you can be in a better place but aren’t
You might not like to admit this lack of direction to others or even yourself
But the fact is that you know that you don’t know
And knowing that you don’t know is the beginning of knowing
Yet many get stuck at that point
The moon will hold you awhile
And the stars will guide you
But when dawn comes
You’ll recognize the promises in the shadows you saw as curses
You’ll understand that knowing is a choice.


IG: @_grace_ola

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