The Tale of the Weave

Just the other day, I came back to the room late, as usual and my roommate (let’s call her Tara) was going to get food at the cafeteria so I asked her to help me buy suya and she agreed. It would just have been another normal, roommate-helps-other-roommate-buy-dinner day but something weird happened instead.

She started brushing her weave (wig) and oddly, enough, she was smiling at it. Just for emphasis, let me say it again. She was smiling at the weave. I lay on my bed watching her for a while and wondering exactly what screw in her brain had actually come loose. So, I asked her:

“Tara, why are you smiling at your weave?” And then, she burst out laughing and I was really starting to get worried about the state of her sanity. That’s me, exaggerating. But it was just so odd, and just for a weave.

She told me that she knew I was watching her but she didn’t know that it was that obvious. Lol, sister, it was written all over your face, literally. She later explained that she was smiling because of something that had happened which was quite funny to her. Apparently, she had bought some clothes worth N4000 and used her ATM card to pay. The POS machine initially indicated that the transaction had been unsuccessful so she tried again. Then, her beloved bank debited her twice. Uh…my chest…N8000 gone…just like that.

Of course, you can guess that she called her bank and they told her it would be rectified within seven (7) working days. Again, you can guess that she was skeptical about that. It had happened to her before and she was debited N16000 instead of N8000; the money didn’t smell her account again until after about two months.

All at once,  the story became one of how her boyfriend had gone to the ATM to withdraw N30000, got debited for that and then began to receive consecutive debit alerts until three (3) million naira had been withdrawn from his account. Is it just me or is three million naira plenty money? Loool. My guy called the bank immediately and that’s when they now knew they’d start yanning wool. Omo, my guy vexed o. He carried soldiers to the bank and threatened to sue them. Fast fast, they started begging him. Nobody told them before their brains reset and they paid back his three million naira. Thank God…as if it’s my own three mil…low key, if they give me like 100k, I’ll manage it o. Anyway, they later discovered that the fraud was an inside job from someone within the bank. Whatever dudes, at least he got the money back.

Eventually, she left me, before it would get too late to buy food at the cafeteria because of gist…hehe.

I told her I was going to write about this, it was just so unusual and funny. I mean, it all started from a weave…weave o.

By the way guys, please pray that she gets her money back soon, lol.

Now, to what I learnt, never suspect a person of insanity until you get to know why they are doing what they are doing, it might just be their coping mechanism.




Suya: Peppered grilled meat or chicken on a stick, typically made and sold by Hausa people in Nigeria and usually served with onions and sometimes, cabbage

Yanning: Speaking, chatting, saying

Omo: Slang for a person, guy


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