Once Upon A Dream

Once upon a dream…

Royal carriages and towering castles,

Princely robes and comely dresses,

Every moment of everyday

A fairytale come alive

That is all I ever wanted and exactly what I have now.


Once upon a dream…

Servants at my beck and call

Guards on all sides of me

When I walk down the aisle

With admirers and enemies alike

Watching in amazement and envy


Once upon a dream…

Exotic fruits and vegetables

Food in plates of gold and silver

Drinks in goblets of diamond

All set in impeccable order

On my table of oak adorned on all corners with rubies

Once upon a dream…

But that’s all it ever was and all it ever will be

A what-if, an if-only, an if-i-had

The would-haves, should-haves and could-haves

For now, it is almost over and the end, near

Death’s cold hands slowly settle over the heart


And in a single breath, my last once-upon…; dreams unfulfilled

The end…



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