Guest Post by Uche Messiah: Poverty, Man and their Ruler

She said I don’t like public places,

There’s always a girl who’s more beautiful than I am

Who has all the expensive make up on,

So she’ll look better than other girls,

There’s always a guy who looks better than you

That makes me crave him more than you,

There’s always a dress better than the one I’m wearing

And there’s always a child that looks exactly the way my kids should look.


Here’s where I was born and built

Here’s where I met you (the love of my life)

And here’s where I want to die…

But not like this…I never want to be broke again

I never want to see and admire from afar

I never want to step aside when one of those beautiful women steps into the elevator

And stands next to me in the mall because I feel she’ll perceive my cheap perfume…

Like it matters…



I have very little and I spend it all in a place meant for more…

A place to give me life and end up going home feeling dead,

I never want to feel this way again.


This place, it takes you, it welcomes you

You and all you have

Your gold and your confidence

Your water and your pride

Your voice.

These people they take everything.

What kind of leader takes from the poor to feed the rich?

What kind of war is fought for the strong by the weak?

Since when is the protector protected?

Since when are children breadwinners?


With my back against the ground and the sun punishing my eyes, I am weak

My twisted legs are looking irregular (Can I use these?)

My eyes, they open and close and open again.

And I see a man…no, a giant of a man

He’s carrying a weapon.

My heart is racing fast and I feel it’s the end but I can’t run…my legs are still twisted

-Uche Messiah

Facebook: Uche Nattz


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