Don’t Forget Me

Don’t forget me, my beloved

Ours was a bond comparable to none

Don’t you think we made a good team?

We would be good on Broadway wouldn’t we?

Do you remember how we fooled each other?

And how our pawn masters spurred us on

Don’t you think they had quite the show?

Watching us make jokes of ourselves

We took up those roles so precisely

The predator and prey

Maybe in another era, we would have been good friends

Or probably even lovers again

But our fates had been sealed since the first day

We were made to serve them

To will is not ours

So we did as we were told

And let our love go with the winds of time

It was good while it lasted right?

We did what we had to do

For the good of our countries

And were stuck on the blurred line between love and hate

It’s a lonely life we spies live

But I’ll live off the memories we made and I hope you do too

Don’t forget me, my beloved

-The Grace Ola


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