Food, More Food and a Sprinkle of Love

He was hungry. She was hungry. So, they decided to eat but neither knew how to cook.
They tried boiling white rice but ended up with a mushy mess that looked more like toothpaste than food. The stew didn’t turn out any better, a pot of tasteless red liquid that eventually ended its life as the beginnings of someone else’s last resort concoction rice.
Then, they tried warming soup for eba but both got carried away watching “Tinsel” reruns; you can guess that it got burnt beyond recognition and that the water for eba dried up.
One last attempt: indomie, water, pot and fire. Until it was done- well, almost; they forgot the seasoning.
How does one manage a relationship where neither partner can cook?

1. Break up because it’s hopeless


2. Order takeout: pizza, chicken and chips
Why didn’t they think of that earlier? Maybe it’s because they were so hungry…


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