Dance With Me III

“Perfect? But…,what about fun Mo?”

“It’s not about fun, fun is not in this picture and it’s not been for a long time. And don’t call me Mo. We’re not friends.”

They stood there for a long time. He tried to decipher why she thought he would ever hit her and she wondered for the life of her why he wouldn’t just leave her alone. The last thing she needed right now was another person trying to control her.

“I would never hit you.” He finally spoke again.

“You say that now but what about tomorrow or next week or next month when I can’t perfect that move or shuffle fast enough? What then? What about when I’m too tired to lift a finger but you still expect me to dance? Or when I don’t feel up to it? Uhn?” She couldn’t understand why she was losing it in front of this stranger but all her pent up frustration had finally found release and she couldn’t stop now.

“How about then? Answer me!” She shoved him. Hard.

“I…I” He stammered as words failed him.

“Exactly. I thought so too.” She brushed past him and out the door without missing a beat. He raked his hands through his short hair and wondered if they had still been talking about dancing. It sure as hell didn’t seem that way to him anymore.

To be continued…


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