I am Born

I struggle, I twist and turn,
I roll over in stubbornness while she suffers
I do not want her to suffer neither do I want her in pain
But… It is she who has been assigned
To introduce me to this world
Even in her travail, she is determined to do so
And I to prevent it
We are in the same vessel and it hurts to do this
But, I refuse to let up
Gradually, gradually, she begins to tire
“I am victorious!” I think,
And I relax too, believing, I am left to the world I know
Then, with a sudden surge of energy
She pushes again and again,
And out I come to this vile, vain world
In my sorrow, I cry out
Lamenting… I hear cheers and happy sighs
It seems my pain gives them joy
Alas, it is beyond my power now
I cannot see,but I hear them still

-The Grace Ola


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