Black and White: An Anthology

Hey guys!

So, I wrote for an anthology recently and it has finally been published in hardcover. Yay!!! It is basically about the prejudice and societal lines that have been drawn between races of the world because of varying skin tones. We need to stop the hate and spread more love and that’s why the Wordsmiths (Covenant University Literary and Debating Society) embarked on this project, seven writers, fifteen works, one purpose.

You can send me an email at to make inquiries about the book and also place your orders.

Here’s a sneak peek:

‘Show the light in darkness while defining the word race.

A struggle of colors.

A clash of sides.

A fight of shades

Black and white.

An anthology of the eternals.’

I love you guys so much. Thanks for sticking with this small girl.


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