The Room (A Novel by Grace Ola Oyinkansola on OkadaBooks)

P . U . B . L . I . S . H . E . D


“You make me sick!” I spit at him as he advances towards me, his white sandals making a foreboding tap-tap on the tiles. He simply smiles back, his predator to my prey.

“What can I say? I like my women pure.” My mind flashes back to all the other times he has touched me against my will. “All the time.” he drawled.

I lose my faith again; like every other day. This place is made to keep everyone out and only two people in, Hamid and I. It is sound proof. No one else ever hears me. Maybe I will get my faith back someday when someone hears me. But not today, not today…

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Love, Grace


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