Why I Dropped Out of School

Hi guys. My name is Lola and I know you don’t know me. I stole Grace’s laptop because I really need to tell you guys this. I need the world to understand why I dropped out of school because I feel it will help a lot of people in achieving their goals and objectives in life. Seriously. So here goes:

First. I am tired of lecturers thinking that it’s only their course you’re doing. For every class, there is always an assignment and ridiculous deadline. Then, they will not now use everything to grade but because you don’t know which one they’ll use last last, you do everything and deprive yourself of life’s joys like sleep and dating. Never mind that my parents spend about a million on my university education per year. I’m legit done.

Second. Like, please can someone tell me who gave course reps the right to bad mouth me in front of my lectures. Madam, what is your own na? I get that you run attendance, and submit all our assignments but there was really no need for you to open your ‘lecturer’s pet’ mouth and tell them I didn’t contribute anything to the group work. Did my group members complain to you? Okay, they did but like, just mind your business now. Chai! So, even though I have already spent two years in this school, I cannot do this thing again.

Third. Hello, how can I still be doing 13 courses when I am about to enter 300 level. I thought they said that it use to reduce as you’re going up. My own is just the opposite. It’s not me and you that are doing this. This is where I give up on tertiary education. Boy, bye. Is it me that they want to kill? Last last, I will use my remaining two years to learn vocation (hairdressing, beadmaking, buka work…all join)

And again, back to all these sadist lecturers that will be setting questions on topics that they did not teach you. Even the ones they taught, no show. I say I am not doing again. I have chewed enough biro and counted enough ceiling to last me a lifetime. I am calling it quits at this point. Carryover don tire me.

So, these were the reasons I gave myself when I said I was going to drop out. And I did drop out…but only in my dreams. My dears, that was a year and a half ago. I was so convinced that school was a scam and I stupidly listed all this trash and told myself that that was the end of my educational journey.

Well, look at me now, I stuck with school (never mind that my father threatened to kick me out if I tried dropping out or turn me into a professional akara hawker, never mind that at all). And in a few months, I will be having my convocation ceremony and throwing cap with my mates. I think I feel better about not dropping out now, making the decision then was not so easy. Let’s forget the fact that my reasons were all too stupid from the onset anyway.

I hope you feel inspired to finish school and follow your dreams now or do them simultaneously. I know I do.

Shhhhhhhhh…Don’t tell Grace I was here.


4 thoughts on “Why I Dropped Out of School

  1. I do at least 14 courses each semester and a sum of 23-25 units…. shhhaaaaaa. #dropoutway

    I’ll come and become a Marlian sef.

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