‘I’ve started writing a book…it’s about you’

A little sleep. A little slumber. That was all it took for our story to begin. I know that sounds like it doesn’t make sense now but trust me, that’s how it happened.

It was a mix of Mr. James, our boring government teacher and the lullaby our class ceiling fan seemed to be playing specially for me. All I know us that, I finally lost the war against sleep that fateful Thursday. A spoon of Coldstone ice-cream was just about to fulfil destiny in my mouth when I felt something smooth and round hit me on the forehead like a tiny missile. It was a piece of paper. 

I turned and stared daggers in the direction it had come from. But then I met your eyes and saw your barely contained laughter. My frown melted away. You were pointing at something on your note do I squinted harder to see what was there. ‘Read it’, it simply read. I nodded and searched the ground for the missile…’You look good with your mouth open *smiley*smiley*smiley*’ Oh no. To say the least, I was beyond mortified. After that, I couldn’t bring myself to look back at you even though I could still hear your muffled chuckles.

I’ve been avoiding you ever since…not because I’m embarrassed…okay maybe I am…a little…but because I’ve started writing a book…it’s about you. And I’m afraid you’ll be nothing like the one I’ve made you out to be. So, I’d rather talk to the you in the book than the real you. I’d rather talk to the one who’ll be everything I want him to be, no matter what.

-The Grace Ola

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