Walk on the Wild Side

The world we live in today tends to pressure one into trying to attain unrealistic perfection.

You can relate right?

Well, guess what? No matter what you do or how you do it, you don’t need to try and become perfect, you already are. So, live happy, live freely, respect others, spread love and let loose sometimes so you can have some fun. Do it now, while you’re young enough to…just DO it.

I’d like to hear your thoughts.


The Grace Ola

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2 thoughts on “Walk on the Wild Side

  1. “You don’t need to try to be perfect”. Would you do business with me if I ain’t perfect, will you be my client, will pay me your hard earn money for my imperfections… will you want to be my friend with no perfection knowing fully well that only God is perfect in his ways so for man to meet up perfection… he must be God himself which is not possible…. when will we see ourselves that way to enable us appreciate each other more better than we do

    1. I kind of get you Samson.

      And when I say ‘perfect’, I mean, we don’t need anything or anyone else but God to be whole. That does not mean you don’t need to be good at what you do for people to trust you with their jobs. Also, most relationships thrive off shared value, so, if you have no value to offer in this day and age, it may be hard to build strong networks.

      I hope I’ve been able to help.

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