Fall On Your Knees

Fall on your knees

Ye offspring of Jezebel

Your feet have led your heart to ruin

As your fingers played a tune of doom

Know ye not that haughty hearts

Attract all but things that edify

Have you not heard of destruction;

the daughter of pride?

Or have you forgotten so quickly,

the fate of young lions that stray far from home?

Woe unto you, generation of vipers

Who have shut your ears to the cries of ailing men

Men you were blessed to uplift

Men who now languish in sorrow

Is it not said that the curse shall never leave the house of a thief?

Why then do you rob our Lord?

Taking unto your bosoms that which is meant for many

And meting same out to a few

Behold, a day cometh

A day of reckoning

Where you proud offspring of sin personified

Will give an account of all your actions

Fear not what will become of you

For every man who sinneth must die

Inevitable is the day you all come to naught

Fall on your knees, soulless lot of hooligans

Await your own apocalypse

-The Grace Ola

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