The Date

I had been looking forward to this day for so long. I met Bade online, it was the usual slide into your DM story but booooy, was he good. He was fine, funny and generally a good sport. We spent hours that turned into days and weeks talking and we’d finally planned to meet on Valentine’s day. I was so excited because I was finally going to meet the man of my dreams, the one who kept me awake on school nights and made me smile whenever I was down. I was nervous too though…wondering if we would have the same chemistry that we had online in person or if he was just too good to be through.

Oh well, I found out soon enough. February 14th came around with its hype and because I wanted to dress to impress, I got the help of some of my friends with clothes and makeup. If anything was even going to go wrong, I promised myself it wouldn’t be because of me. Fastforward to 5pm, we were having this amazing, candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant in Ikoyi and Dimeji was just as amazing as I imagined him to be and I seemed to be making a great impression because he kept looking into my eyes and laughing at my jokes. I wondered if he’d kiss me at the end of the night but I’m dragged out of my thoughts as his phone starts to ring.

‘Hey Grace, please excuse me. I have to take this call.’

‘Sure.’ I smiled at him like the lovestruck idiot that I was. I watch him walk off and imagined how the beautiful babies we’d have would be just as funny as he was. We’d live in a house by the lake, have three children and the rest would fall into place.

Sadly, I’d been waiting for him for the past fifteen minutes and I was starting to get worried. After another ten minutes, I dialled his number but his phone was switched off and I finally started to panic. Just as I concluded in my heart that I’d been tricked and that the bill was mine to pay, I started to pack my bag, ready to walk away when I saw an angry, pregnant lady stalking towards me.

‘Look here you husband-snatching hoe. You stay the hell away from my husband.’ She threw the words at me, her both hands spread on the table in an aggressive stance. She looked like she was ready to slap me and I have no doubt that she would if I mistakenly said the wrong thing.

‘Madam, I’m sorry. I don’t think you have the right person. I am not here with a married man.’

My words seemed to have made her angrier because her voice got louder and people started to look our way. She was causing a scene. ‘I’m sure that’s what Dimeji told you. Well, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay away from my husband. And stop texting him at odd hours. We have two children and one on the way. So, I repeat, stay the fuck away from my husband. Bitch!’

‘I-I’m sorry.’ I can feel my heart and hopes shattering into a million pieces, knowing that I’d never think of Valentine’s day the same way ever again.

‘Sorry for yourself.’

Dimeji never came back in and I never got over it.

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  1. I forgot to mention that the Feb 14 Val write up is fantastic and, though short, is still full of suspense.

    Work on the book quickly.

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