When the Glory Comes

Dear Seyi,

One day, when the ‘glory’ comes, it’ll be ours…

I know that all the odds are against us and ‘the story of my life’ right now is not the one for us.

And that it’s only logical to be apart for now.

I wish I could ask you to ‘stay with me’ because it’ll be a lie if I say that I can imagine being without you.

But in order to find myself, I’ll have to be ‘dancing on my own’ in this phase I’m in.

I’d have loved to say ‘we can sail away tonight on a sea of pure romance’.

But all I can say is this: ‘Pray for me’.

I hope I find my way back to your arms when all this is over.

Maybe then, I’ll be able to explain better.

For now, adios…


-The Grace Ola

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