Talku Talku

Talku Talku

I have so many things to say. But I don’t say them all because I’m afraid of being called a talkative. Although, to be honest, they already call me that and I don’t even say everything that I have to say. So now imagine if I said it all, what would they call me? So, in order to say a bit more of the things I have in mind, I write them out, and they flow out of me with ease, and sometimes, even with some finesse and aesthetic. Most times, I don’t have to think too hard. The words are just right there, dancing around in my head, waiting for me to ink them. I write because I have more to say than I am allowed to. I will write until I have said it all…which will be most likely…never.

-The Grace Ola

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  1. That’s a good reason to write. I write because I want to address topics that are harder to talk about in regular conversations.

    1. Yes, thank you. I write for various reasons, but this is definitely one of them. Thanks for reading.

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