Live each day like it’s your last

I know this statement is a cliche to be honest but the truth is that a lot of people don’t really understand it…like most people don’t really let it sink in, you feel me? No? Okay. Well, what I mean is that it basically connotes that life is so SHORT and UNPREDICTABLE that one has to take each moment and every breath as PRECIOUS and something to be CHERISHED.

Someone crossing the road right now is getting hit by a vehicle, he won’t make it out ALIVE. A pregnant woman somewhere in the world is giving LIFE to a child but will lose hers in a few seconds. So many bodies are currently being put six feet below the ground. But you know what? You and I are right HERE. Alive. Living. Breathing. This alone…is a GIFT.

That is why we have no excuse but to live each day INTENTIONALLY, with PURPOSE and towards a PRODUCTIVE END. It is our RESPONSIBILITY to live like everyday is our last because it just might be. We never know when it will all end. It could be the second after you finish reading this and it could be eighty years from now or more. But the point is, LIVE CONSCIOUSLY of eternity. Like my bio, life can be as short as bumshorts. And like some people’s whatsapp statuses, it could seem endless, going on and on and on and on, till it finally ends. Make it COUNT.

-The Grace Ola

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