Give and Take

Veritas, Anoris, Amare
(Truth, honesty and love)
These three a relationship make

The name of the game is give and take
You give that you may be given
And you are given so that you may give

But the irony of the situation is this
I give and give
While you watch and take

My very truth gets a lie, my honesty a stab
The veil is torn from my eyes
And now I see beyond your kisses, dripping lies
And your touches, massaging them in

And even in my reveal, In my knowledge of the faƧade that is not
I stay in this ship we sail, hoping
That we’ll go back to how we never were
When we take and give, and give and take

-The Grace Ola in Collaboration with Oge Nwafor

(CONTACT US- IG: @thegraceola and @ogeeh__, Twitter: @thegraceola, FB: Oyinkansola Ogunyinka, Email:

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels


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