Things I Can’t Say Out Loud

I am sitting in a front row now, trying my hardest not to look at you behind me in the adjacent row. 

From the corner of my eyes, I catch your stare, drawing the map of my body, memorizing every dip and curve. 

The colour of your skin reminds me of rich chocolate. 

And I wonder if you also catch me sometimes from the corner of your eyes, drawing the map of your body and memorizing every dip and curve. 

Or if the colour of my skin reminds of rich caramel.

I might have even imagined the meeting of our eyes in barely contained tension. 

The tongue-tied feeling that comes over me when I attempt to read your expressions and end up catching your eyes. 

Fighting not to get lost in them means I have to pause and gather my wits. 

It also means I end up blabbing several random stuff and very likely making a fool of myself.

I guess this is what a crush feels like. 

Okay. Bye.

-The Grace Ola

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Photo by waqed walid from Pexels


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