Dear Influencer: Fans or Friends

Dear Influencer,

Here is a little heartfelt note from me to you. Kindly read to the end (no matter how disjoint it may seem at the beginning, it’s getting somewhere, trust me). I am a fan of many…and I’d like to believe there are at least a few people that might say they are fans of mine, however few they may be, lol. (Unlike you, of course you have several ‘fans’ and ‘followers’, I mean…you are an influencer). Yet, I am a friend to few, not because I’m not ‘friendly’ or ‘approachable’ but because friendship is responsibility. And just as you pick your battles wisely, you have to choose your friends a.k.a responsibilities, wisely.

As the good book says, wisdom is the principal thing and in all thy getting, get understanding. Wise men don’t fight in every battle that comes their way, not because they can’t. but because they consider priority. Even though everyone is worth fighting for, not every war is yours to fight, let alone win. (In other news, not everyone is a ‘friend’ or will/should become one).

In the end, once the chips are down, who’s really going to be there for you? Once you figure that out, you’ll be able to gush over your favorite ‘celebs’ and ‘famz’ just as your ‘fans’ do you. You’ll also still be able to prioritize, love and respect your true friends and know who to put first.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: Don’t lose yourself in the process of growing. Fans are important but friends are important-er.

Told you it was getting somewhere.

-The Grace Ola

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