A Thousand and One Times

The sound of my heart breaking into a thousand and one pieces

Pierces the silence in my mind

This is how we disappear…and the hope, curdles into rage

When I think of how

You never hold my hand in the open
Or ask me to dance at parties

A thorn in my flesh sinks deeper,

Every time you let my hands go and cross the street

So no one will see we’re together

I waste everyday, spending my nights with you

Lost in the darkness of your life

I don’t want to be practicing ‘zombie’ whenever the sun rises

Yet we can’t rewrite the stars

So I know I’ll never be enough

You’ll never see me cry

I won’t let it out till the door closes behind you

Do you whisper her name too?

Like a soft, silk shoulder wrap

And trail your fingers down her shoulders

The same way you do mine

Is her head on your chest right now, listening to your heartbeat to fall asleep?

Why can’t we be like that?

I am going crazy

I want to scream and awake from this bad dream

In broad daylight

My day starts when the sun sets

And the moon arrives with his cohorts…stars

Somebody save me,

I’m drowning?

And no one can hear me

When you’re gone

The only thing that breaks this deafening silence

Is the sound of my heart…breaking into a thousand and one pieces all over again???

– The Grace Ola

Photo by Varun Chandak from Pexels


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