Society Has Failed Itself- A Nigerian Farce

A lot of Nigerians see depression and suicide as a white man sickness. Yet in 2018, Nigeria was ranked as the 5th suicide prone country globally. Thankfully, mental health awareness is gradually becoming a thing in contemporary Nigeria. But for a lot of us, 2019 alone has been a year of Gbas Gbos emotionally. Many have deep rooted mental scars, people are dealing with demons daily, walls are caving in on minds, depression is as real as ever, suicide is getting more attractive to millions.

Alcohol, drugs and whatnot can only numb the pain temporarily. What about the after? The lack of self confidence, the feeling that everyone is out to get you, the loss of hope, the fear to talk to someone.

Society has failed itself…people want out. So what is the way out? Stay with me.

-The Grace Ola

Sometimes all people need is a listening ear…without a leaking mouth. A shoulder to cry on, with no judgement. Unfiltered conversations, hugs and encouraging words. Freedom to be vulnerable without fear or doubt. Someone to assure them that everything will be alright.

The darkest time is just before dawn

-Thomas Fuller

Always remember that there is no fire without burning, a candle shines and burns, so does a lantern. Look beyond the pain, push through. In a fallen world, live, knowing that your identity is above life’s struggles.

Stay strong, there’s hope where there’s life, say NO to suicide. People love you, people look up to you and want what you have. There’s light at the end of that tunnel. If you are going through anything, speak to a trusted friend or family member, seek professional help (therapy) and don’t underestimate the power of prayer.

And if you can, please be available for others, reach out to friends, beyond many bright smiles are battered hearts.

In the wake of Nigeria’s 59th Independence Day celebration, the government may have failed us, some of our own people may have failed us, the world may have failed us, let us not fail ourselves. Let’s rise for humanity, for Nigeria. Peace.

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