Dear Bae, I can’t wait to meet you

Dear Bae, I can’t wait to meet you

I really can’t wait to meet you
So I can tell you all my stupid midnight thoughts
And wake you up at 2am cuz I’m hungry or horny
I can’t wait to steal all your shirts
So I can buy you new ones to steal again
And send love notes when you’re at work

I can’t wait to pray with you about everything
So we can grow together
And like because yet love despite
I can’t wait to love you with everything and more
So help me God
And you’ll love me just the same and more
I really can’t wait (but I’m really just sad…lol)

By The Grace Ola | Socials – @thegraceola

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  1. This letter is like something written from my own heart

    1. Loooooool…babe, you wrote it now…hehehe!

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