Hey babe, I hope I get a kiss for this💕

Hey babe, I hope I get a kiss for this💕

Hey you💕
Did I forget to tell you I love you this morning? I hope not.
Let me tell you some things about when I was waiting to meet you
So that when you read this one of these days
You can smile from ear to ear
And remember all the little things about me that made you fall in love with me🥴

I once wanted ten children
A huge mansion and enough of everything to go round
I was a child I know that now. I’m still a child babe and we both know it😂
But…like I was saying
I once wanted a perfect man
Like the ones I created in my head
And wrote and read about all the time

I thought I wanted many things
And I made many trivial issues seem relevant when I imagined how you would be
Now I know very much, how misguided I was
How wanting, how needy, how selfish
I know you now, flaws and all
And I realize that I’ve never needed anything more than exactly who you are…how you are.

Every piece of your perfect imperfections turn me on
And make me smile from ear to ear
So I hope I succeeded
I hope you’re at the end of this letter
Smiling till your cheeks hurt
Because this is just the type of thing I’d do
Write you a letter like this
Cuz I know how it’d make you feel
How you’d ask God yet again
How you got so lucky to call me yours😌

This short girl loves you. And I hope I get a kiss for this🌚…or yunno…did someone say something about the other room🌝…Okay bye🚶🏾‍♀

Photo Credit: @__impressions – Instagram | Model: @thegraceola – Instagram

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  1. Oyin…every single time i read stuff that you write…its feels like you live right in my head😩❤

    1. 😂💕💕💕 maybe I do🌚

  2. As much as i Love this😚, i do not like it. Reasons best known to muah

    1. I gatchu🤗

      1. Mad ohh
        You are sweet mehnn

        1. Aww thanks dear. You’re sweet too, 💗.

  3. I’m so short of words rn…. Just what I wanted to hear❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥

    1. 😂🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥺

  4. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    1. It be like that sometimes😂💕

  5. Simply amazing❤❤, makes me wish I actually had a bae.😫😫

    1. 😂🥴 that makes two of us

  6. Beautiful beautiful 🥰🥰🥰
    Has me falling in love

    1. Me too I want to be in love o😂😪

  7. This piece can make a man fall in love

    1. Hehehe…that’s the idea

  8. What more to get you in the feelings? …*wipes tear*

    1. 😁😊

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