I Know You Need Me but I Need You More, my Lover

I Know You Need Me but I Need You More, my Lover

Hello…it’s me…again

Well…I probably shouldn’t say that since I haven’t written you a letter in a while. Oh well.

I’m sorry for that. I’ve just been busy: hospital, tests. new glasses, more demands at work and stuff like that. Enough with the rants. Let’s focus on us.

Let me tell you some things that I love about you

I love that you call me randomly to talk about anything and everything because you know how much it means to me

I love that you forgive me even on days when I sleep off on you while we’re talking on the phone because of how exhausted I get from work

I love that you let me see your vulnerabilities in a world that constantly hounds men to be ‘strong’

I love it when you put your head on my laps and sleep off to my terrible singing because you’d rather not tell me my voice is horrible (yes, I know this…you’re a bad pretender)

I love that you eat the food I cooked at midnight because I couldn’t fall asleep

Oh yes…and I love the massages. I really do. You always get the right spots…hmmm

I could go on and on about the things I love. I could write a whole book with my words…just loving on you. pouring over you like a warm bath after a day in the snow.

But I’ll save the rest for later because there’ll be many more letters.

Expect them, because they’ll surely come

I want you to wrap my love around you like a cozy blanket and bask in it even when we’re not together

This love was made to last

They say one person always loves more in a relationship and I find myself trying to determine who that person is between us. I pray that never changes.

Bye for now🧡

-The Grace Ola | Socials: Instagram (@thegraceola)

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  1. The way you love love makes me shiver😩❤

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