Valentine’s Day 2020

Valentine’s Day 2020

Hi guys. I guess it’s been a while since I shared a true story on here…if ever. Oh well, since this year’s Valentine was a unique one, I will be sharing my experience. Lol, it’s nothing too serious, I just felt like journal-ing this year. Fun fact- I don’t even remember what I did on Valentine’s day last year but one thing I’m sure of was that I was single, and I am still single.

So…my Val story this year is funny😂…I’m a singu pringu because I curved people and someone curved me too…so I ended up sitting at home…lonely 🥴. Y’all know the song.

But…my mum and bro came through with a few gifts (shout out to them)

🧡 you guys (looks a bit Christmas-sy right?)

And I took pictures cuz why not if not🤷🏽…all the boo’d up people took pics too🥺. Plus, we had a mini Val party after work yesterday and:

This is evidence that where there is food, despite being broke and a single singlet, you’ll be fine.

Anyways, happy Valentine’s day (yesterday😉). That’s my story😅, you can share yours in the comment section if you like. Just know that if you aren’t single and are coming to my comment section to be all mushy and cute, imma block you😁. Good talk.

P.S: I heard that somewhere in Ogun state, a guy caught his babe and her main boo whom he thought was her side piece in his own room. And plot twist, they both beat him up and out of his room…lmaooo (one popular IG page carried it sha, idk how true it is). I also saw one tweet that the girl planned gifts and a beautiful card for a guy who never showed up…eeyah. I’m not saying any of these ‘lovebirds’ deserved the ‘ending in tears’ o, I’m just saying, me that I’m single now, my life is not ‘super story’. You get?

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed my gist today. Hopefully, Valentine’s 2021 will be better. Ciao!

I tried to be a bit creative with the shots…lol
So cute tho…aww

-The Grace Ola

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  1. 😂Oyin ooo…anyway sha, we’re the ‘val-party after work geng’ 😅…okay bye!

    1. Loooool…Kindred spirit💛

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