Our people say ‘One thing must kill a man’…or woman

Our people say ‘One thing must kill a man’…or woman

Hehehe, well, I think they do anyways. Let me just tell you something now:

Life is short like bum-shorts

God will not allow food to be the end of me. Chei! I love the idea and look of food too much, and I also eat a lot of junk. Thank God for Pettysave that helps me to save and invest. Anyway, so earlier this year or late last year (I can’t really remember), a Chicken Republic outlet opened on the street where my office is. Of course, this was good news to me because I love food and now, I didn’t have to go all the way to the next few streets for Chicken Republic refuel pack (N500 or N900 package; I mostly buy the N500 one sha because I’m cheap like that most times)…and also kinda bad news because, well, either ways, my pocket will definitely suffer for it.

A random picture of the N500 refuel pack from Chicken Republic

Now to make matters worse, another food outlet has opened on the street too, they call this one Bus Stop Bistro…lmaoooo. And that’s besides, the boli and fish spot, the bukka spot and the fruit spot, on this same street o. So you see that these people are not even helping my case at all. They are trying to run me out of Lagos. Someone asked me recently if I’m not even scared of blowing up and now, he’s put it on my mind and I think about it every now and then. I tried going to the gym and starting with table tennis training. But guess what? I’ve only gone once. I laugh in obesity. Honestly ehn, we are our own problems in this life. Anyway, please just pray for me, my mouth, my pocket and my weight.

Oluwa no go shame us. 

For this life, I can’t kill myself. If I need to eat, I will eat o. Like I said before dear, life is short like bum-shorts please. Ain’t no therapy like food. The only food I like small is small chops…get it? Okay, never mind. Bye.

-The Grace Ola | Socials- @thegraceola Oyinkansola A. Ogunyinka

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