Review of Arese Ugwu’s “The Smart Money Woman”

Review of Arese Ugwu’s “The Smart Money Woman”

You ever just read a book and feel like you just want to gist with the author because like, they sound like someone you would vibe with?☺ That’s how this book made me feel. Gosh! I got this book as my birthday gift from my parents in May and I finished reading it in less than a week.

@smartmoneyarese finished work with this book…whutttt!🤯😁

Like I literally came up with 7 content ideas for my day job after the first 3 chapters. Yes, it was that good. P.S: I work in the Fintech industry so if you’re interested in learning to save and invest with ease, check this out.

I really loved how the book was a story with a lovable main character (Zuri), her family, friends, love life, lows and highs. I also love how relatable public figures and social media allusions were made all through the book, made it all the more real. It was amazingly put together and each chapter came with money tips at the end and exercises to flex some personal finance muscles.

Purchase here: The Smart Money Woman

Because of this book ehn, I’m thinking of where to find an investment advisor to talk to😭💆🏾. And I really would love to attend the next @wimbizng conference.

After Zuri, my favorite character has to be Tsola, her loverrrr😍.

Thank you for this book ma @smartmoneyarese . It’s funny how I posted this book on my WhatsApp status some weeks before my birthday (in May), said I wanted it and then forgot all about it since then. I don’t know if God spoke to my parents o but this is the best birthday gift ever!

MY TOP 5 LESSONS from Arese Ugwu’s “The Smart Money Woman”:
• Determine what you want your money to do for you
• Don’t run away from debts. Speak to your creditors and work out a reasonable repayment plan
• Have multiple streams of income
• Your network is your net worth
• Have a budget for long term goals, short term goals and living expenses

I recommend this book a 100%. It is a book that should be read by African women (and men) of all ages as it shows the importance of personal finance with expert storytelling and a very relatable plot.

This review was originally posted on Instagram on May 20, 2020 and it even got featured on Arese Ugwu’s page.

Get the book guys!

Find the details below

Title: The Smart Money Woman

Author: Arese Ugwu

Page count: 210

Chapter count: 12

Publisher: Smart Media Africa  

Year of publication: 2016

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