Married People Problems 101

Married People Problems 101

So my dad goes to this family club a lot. We go with him sometimes but he likes it more so obviously, he goes more. And just like him, a lot of his friends also come more often than their wives and children.

Anyway, that is just preamble I needed to give you for you to understand this gist better…lmao. Stay with me here.

You see, one of his friends comes there way more than normal and because his wife rarely comes, she complains about it to no end.

Why oh why does he spend so much time at the club? She wonders.

Now there’s this sports tournament they do at the club periodically, where these grown men play to win different prizes.

Ranging from microwaves, freezers, blenders and other home appliances to shopping giftcards and the likes. In fact, my dad has won some of these gifts a few times.

So one day, this man deviced a way to get his wife off his back. Lmaoooooo. He went to a store and bought a deep freezer, packaged it accordingly and took it home.

Can you already guess what happened? Yes my dear. He got home and told his wife that he won it in a sports tournament at the club…lmao.

Since then, it’s the wife that’s always encouraging him to go to the club and asking if there’s no new tournament for him to play in.

Of course, just so he can win something else and bring home for them.

Omo, now I’m even wondering if some of the gifts my daddy brought home were real or also fabricated…lmao.

But no, you can’t fabricate a Spar gift card or a gold cup. Or can you? Hehe, I’m driving myself nuts…

You tell me though. Sense or nonsense?

Was he wrong to have lied or did he just successfully kill two birds with one stone? Keeping his wife happy and securing his club outings…

You tell me.

The Grace Ola

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