Hi! I promise I’m a chill person — and a bad-ass writer. In this part, please permit me to talk about myself in third person (briefly).

Oyinkansola A. Ogunyinka blends faith and realism into compelling stories with life-like, relatable characters. She lives in Lagos Nigeria and is currently a content marketing manager. Oyin loves to tell and read love stories, especially the ones that glorify the One who created love, Love Himself — Yahweh. Basically, she’s a full-time child of God and a part-time writer.

Here’s what I can do for you

Okay, back to talking about myself in first person! Asides being an author, these are the paid services I offer:

  • Freelance content writing for SaaS companies
  • Minimalist graphic design
  • Speaking engagements (as a fiction author)

Email to work with me: thegraceola@gmail.com. You can also just send me some fan mail if you love my writing, a love letter if you want my head to swell or an encouraging message to make my day. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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“Write until all your ideas and stories have been adequately expressed, until your thirst to tell is satisfied.  Until then, do not stop. Don’t stop writing until you can write no more, until every last idea has been shared with the world.” – Oyinkansola A.